Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan Lyrics From Raabta By Arijit Singh

Lyrics By Arijit Singh

arijit singhLambiyaan Si Judaiyaan Lyrics from Raabta (2017) sung by Arijit Singh. This song is composed by Pritam Chakraborty with lyrics penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

Song : Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan
Singers : Arijit Singh
Movie : Raabta
Music Composer : JAM8
Lyricist : Amitabh Bhattacharya

Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan Lyrics

Sajda tera kar na sakun
Toh bandagi kya bandagi
Tere bina jeena pade
Toh zindagi kya zindagi.

If I can’t pray to you
Then the kotow is not worth doing
If I would have to live without you
The life won’t be life anymore.

Kya rang laya
Dil ka lagana
Kya rang laya
Dil ka lagana
Goonje hawa mein
Bichre dilan diyan duhaiyan,

Ve badi lambiyaan si judaiyaan
Tere nishaan yaadon mein hain
Tu kyun nahi takdeer mein
Nadaan dil hai dhoondta
Kurbat teri tasveer mein.

See where falling in love have brought us
The clamors of separated hearts are echoing in air
Oh these separations were so long
I still have your trails in my memories
Why aren’t you in my life
This silly heart is looking for vicinity in your pictures.

Munkin nahi hai
Tujhko bhulana
Munkin nahi hai
Tujhko bhulana
Dekhe khudaya do aashiqan diyan tabahiyan,

Ve badi lambiyan si judaiyan
Badi lambiyan si judaiyan
judaiyan judaiyan
Vey badi lambiyan si judaaiyan,

Lamiyan si judaiya..

It’s not possible to forget you
The God is watching devastation of two lovers
Oh these distances occurred were so long.


lambiyaan si judaiyaan lyrics



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