Dhoondlo Lyrics From Tu Hai Mera Sunday By Arijit Singh

Lyrics By Arijit Singh

arijit-singhDhoondlo Lyrics with translation from Tu Hai Mera Sunday movie is sung by Arijit Singh featuring Barun Sobti & Vishal Malhotra. Amartya Rahut (Bobo) is music composer of “DHOOND LO” and the verses are written down by Milind Dhaimade.

Movie -: Tu Hai Mera Sunday
Song -: Dhoondlo Tum
Singer -: Arijit Singh
Music -: Amartya Rahut (Bobo)
Lyricist -: Milind Dhaimade

Dhoondlo Lyrics

Dhoond Lo Tum
Kho Gaya Hoon Main Kahin
Dhoond Lo Tum
Khud Pe Hai Nahi Yakeen,

You search for me
I am lost
You search for me, I don’t have faith in me.

Main Kyun Ho Gaya Mujhse Judaa
Jaane Kin Sawaalon Se Ghira
Hai Khoyi Khoyi Baat Mere Mann Ki
Sun Sako Toh Dhoond Lena Mujhko Tum,
Dhoond Lo Dhoond Lo Mujhko Tum.

Why it seems like I have separated myself from me ?
Don’t know why I am surrounded with questions
The thinking of my heart is lost also
If you can hear me, Look for me, You look for me.

Zindagi Yuhin Chali
Socha Tha Rahenge Akele Yahan,

Here, life is going
Thought we could live together.

Raaste Jo Kat Gaye
Dekha Nahi Hum Ne Khula Aasman,

The pathways we have been through
Never seen the sky during it.

Kyun Main Har Khushi Se Darr Gaya
Pass Rehkar Bhi Kyun Chup Raha
Hai Khoyi Khoyi Baat Mere Mann Ki
Sun Sako Toh Dhoond Lena Mujhko Tum,

Have I been haunted by every happiness
Event staying close, Why’ve I been silent
My heart’s thoughts are lost
If you hear, you search for me huh!

Dhoondlo Dhoondlo Mujhko Tum
Dhoond Lo Tum.

Kho Gaya Hoon Main Kahin, Dhundlo Tum
Khud Pe Hai Nahi Yakeen.

Dhoond Lo Dhoond Lo
Mujh Ko Tum…




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