Big Dream Lyrics By Happy Raikoti

Lyrics By Happy Raikoti

happy raikotiBig Dreams Lyrics By Happy Raikoti : From the Canadian-Punjabi music producer Deep Jandu is another promising banger. This song is proudly hummed by Happy Raikoti, he also wrote down its verses.

Song : Big Dream
Singers : Happy Raikoti
Musicians : Deep Jandu
Lyricists : Happy Raikoti


Big Dream Lyrics

Pata mainu tere vadde-vadde je dream ne
Teriyan akhan ch gori filmy je scene ne ..

I know you have quite big fantasies
You imagine about a filmy/nonrealistic life.

Tainu lagda ki film ‘an dikhauga
Naale mall ‘an wich shopping ‘an karauga
Main aidda vi ni rich goriye,

You may think that I will take you to movies
And for shopping to the malls
But I am not that wealthy.

Main ta kalla hi pyar de paunga
Bas shop’ an utte shopping’ an karaunga
Na kari kich-kich goriye
Naa kari kich-kich goriye..

All I can offer you is love
Can only take you to shops for shopping
So don’t mutter about it later on.

Khaali payi seat karda ni cheat
Aja baby gedi la laiye
Jatt nu pasand bullan utte sang
Aja thoda pyar pa laiye.

The seat is empty
Come baby let’s go for a ride
Jatt likes shyness on your lips
Let’s make some love.

Jedi Corvette utte maarda main gediyan
Sachi dassan meri nai oh goriye
Gaaon ka main ladka hoon
Jhooth nahi bolta
I swear shehar diye shoriye.

The Corvette sports car I use is not my own
I am a village boy, won’t lie to you
I swear, O town girl.

Sachi-sachi dasda tere nal pyar ae
Ajj jo vi hoya haan haan hoya pehli vaar ae.

Mera dad na afford kar pauga
Oh mainu personal car na dawauga
Tun hune kehde tich goriye.

I tell you, Truly I love you
Everything that happened today
Has never occurred to me before
My father cannot manage to buy a personal car for me
Now you can say its a joke.

Main taan kalla hi pyaar de paunga
Bass shop-an utte shopping-an karaunga
Na kari kich kich goriye, Na kari kich kich goriye ..

Diehard fan kudiyan ne baby meriyan
Main tere utte mareya firaan
Dekhi kite karji na dil tu break
Sachi baby darreya firaan.

All the girls are my die-hard fans
But I only love you
Look, don’t break my heart
Girl, I am really scared of it.

Khali payi seat karda ni cheat
Aaja baby gerhi la liye
Jatt nu pasand bullan utte sang
Aaja thoda pyaar pa liye.

Ishqan de shehar, pyaran wali beach utte
Kita main plan ni makaan ae
Baaliyan ni aundiyan gallan tere yaar nu
Khush rakhun jatt di zubaan ae.

In the city of passion
On the beach of love
I have planned a dream house for us
I can’t talk too much but give you my word
That I will always make you happy.

Sidha muh te bolda
Ainvaye naiyo dol da
Dilwali gall billo tere agge kholda.

Happy Raikoti tera gauga
Deep Jandu beat ji wajauga
Tu dekhi geetan wich goriye.

I do tell everything on the face
Never step back
And open my heart  to you
Raikoti will sing And Jandu will created music beats
You will see in the songs baby.

Ho main ta kalla hi pyar de paunga
Bas shop’ an utte shopping’ an karaunga
Na kari kich-kich goriye
Naa kari kich-kich goriye ..


I can only give you love
And will buy you stuff from shops only,
Instead of shopping malls
So don’t yell about it later.


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