Jassi Sohal


Jassi is a most prominet & well established singer in punjabi music world.Jassi has all essential ingredients which are required to create a no. of fans because he encompassing something for all audience but specially for bhangra lovers. He has a recognisable, different, original,voice & way of singing that ‘s why he is a versatile singer.He has always love and passion to create something new for his fans. Jassi likes all dishes cooked by his mom. His favourite place is Vancouver¬†& Kashmir. White is his favourite colour. Jassis philosophy of life is LIVE & LET LIVE. Jassi loves to spend free time with his family. Jassi truley believes in God, hard work, family support & love of fans. His elder brother Bhinda Sohal, Sabhi, Gopi, Deepa are his helping hands. His families little flowers Nanna Jatt, Jasmin, Palvir, Noor. But younger brother Sukh Sohal is the backbone for his singing. Jassi is dedicated to Punjabi music and wish to serve it with his heart and soul. He is also trying to contribute in popularity of Punjabi music by performing world wide.¬†


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